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collaborative project releases

May Witch by May Witch // WMLD, 2021

Press for May Witch - workingman lay down, 2021, ed. of 100 cassettes

"May Witch are a string quartet playing an avant sort of take on Appalachian traditional music. Guitar, viola, banjo, autoharp and mountain dulcimer are the instruments used, and the pieces sometimes start with the sort of interplay you'd expect from a rootsy quartet. But the group's improvisations get more quietly out as they proceed, with the eventual destinations being pretty damn abstract and even noisy...possess[ing] a distracted stateliness, evoking a lost world that never was. Pretty hep." 

Byron Coley, The Wire

Two Tales of Lost Witness Marks by Crazy Doberman // Aguirre Records LP, 2021

Press for Two Tales LP

"Ringing modular synth sirens evoke alarmingly huge Southern watersnakes swimming on top of Oconee river. Total trip zone across two sides: brownouts in the sequence of events, dubby fadeouts, and bright jump cuts in space. Teases of cartoon barrlehouse tickling on the keys of a farmhouse piano and tape melt psychedelia." 

J Russ, liner note

"It’s equal parts murky and mischievous...a cavernous soundscape defined by filigrees of piano, voice, and more strings. An intoxicating...psychedelic jam that eventually climaxes with noisy haze. The track’s second half grows even more immersive, and by its final section it sounds like a live improv set in the middle of a tornado. But even through a storm, Crazy Doberman stay cohesive. Play Two Tales loud and feel its power take hold of you."

Joshua Minsoo Kim, Chicago Reader

Hypnagogic Relapse and Other Penumbral Phenomena by Crazy Doberman // Digital Regress LP, 2020

Press for Hypnagogic Relapse LP 

"Crazy Doberman here comprises seventeen players from the greater Europe of the Midwest. Basement glyphs. Who's on the lease?  And what's under the rug. The owner pays them to keep away from the beast of busco. They do spontaneity, welcoming simultaneity, montaged in post. Further spool't, month to month, basking in the stroboscope."


Sam Lefebvre

Four Rhizomes - Cloud Recordings, 2019

"A very sweet blend of elements, with a few flashes that remind me of Pelt. But in spots where Pelt might have placed drones, here you may well find synth burbles. Quite a snapper!" 

Byron Coley, The Wire

"...a breathtaking ambient post-folk meltdown, a smear of sunlight glimmer distorting surroundings, a visualization that wouldn’t be out of place in the active genetic mutations of Alex Garland’s Annihilation. But that’s exactly what the trio is doing here: mutating traditional folk into gloriously unstable hybridizations and allowing them to run their course, whether by molecular devolution or bursting to nothingness."


Ryan Masteller, Tiny Mix Tapes 

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